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BAWLS via Freight

parallax aCSGO posted May 1, 17

Friday -- 

Phone: ring ring

Me: *answers*

Person on Phone: Hi this is Lisa from R&L Carriers.

Lisa: We have a shipment from BAWLS coming for you that we'd like to get to you in the next business day or so.

Me: Oh, they shipped freight?!

Lisa: Can we send a semi, or does your street need a smaller box truck?

Me: Definitely need a box truck. A semi would have a bad time.

Lisa: Okay, noted. How's Monday?

Me: I assume someone's going to have to be on site to receive the delivery?

Lisa: Yep - will there by between 9AM and 1PM?

Me: Sure.

This Morning --

Phixious worked from home today to receive this special delivery:

Yes - that is a partially unloaded pallet of BAWLS. Delivered via Freight this morning, hauled up to our storage facility (aka tiny apartment because we don't have a proper storage facility at this time) by Phix. For LANFest 2017...because we lova ya.


Massive thanks to BAWLS for working with us to make this happen!

Like previous years, BAWLS has generously provided us with swag to give away at the event. For the first time, though, they were able to provide us with cases of cans at a great price. BAWLS cans are:

  • Six fluid ounces larger than their bottled brethren
  • Lighter weight than the bottles (even with more product); a case of cans weighs 28 lbs whereas a case of bottles weighs 31.4lbs
  • Not susceptible to breakage like bottles are. No risk of broken glass!
  • Available in all the same delicious flavors we've offered in the past
  • Take up less room in trash/recycling when crushed
  • More-easily recycled

Price-per-can will be the same as the price-per-bottle last year.

See you in June!

AG LANFest 2017!

parallax aCSGO posted Mar 28, 17  -  LANFestabyss gamingAG LanFestEventlanfestLANFest 2017
|.aG.| LANFest 2017!
Friday, June 16 through Sunday, June 18

Monaca Station 57
913 Taylor Avenue
Monaca, PA 15061
Returning the the 5th consecutive year!

Registration Info
See you next year!

Other registration Need-To-Knows

BYOC LAN Admission - $35
In order to bring your own PC and truly participate in the LAN, you must purchase a BYOC pass; this covers your physical space, power, and network port. We just need you to get here with your rig and set it up. We can accommodate up to 40 BYOC players.
General Admission - $20
Grants you access to the event space if you are not bringing a PC. In doing so, you will have access to consoles (ooh, Towerfall. ooh, Goldeneye) D&D, Drawful, tabletop/cards, etc. You will also be able to play audience to ongoing tournaments and any random giveaways or non-PC tournaments that may occur.
(NEW!) Bring Your Badge from last year to get a $5 kitchen voucher!
2017 will feature another delightful Siamese CS:GO tournament, more HL2DM, more Towerfall, and Drawful. Other games and tournaments will be announced after we gauge interest. We eagerly seek your input on what games or events you'd like to see, so head over to the forum and tell us what YOU want to see at LANFest 2017.

You Should Bring...
  • Computer (Desktop or Laptop)
  • Monitor, if needed (Only one, 27" or less so er'body has space)
  • All cables & adapters, power, display, networking*, etc.
  • Power Strip Plug/Surge Protector
  • Headset (no speakers, please!)
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Mousing surface (the tables will not be conducive to mousing!)
  • Charger and/or batteries if you have any wireless peripherals

* If, for whatever reason, you do not have a cable/it doesn't work/it isn't long enough, we will have CAT6 on site that we can custom-cut (ensuring proper length). These cables will be $5 for up to fifteen feet and are yours to keep. This makes your life easier. Why?

  • it is one less thing to have to remember to pack
  • you will not have to make another stop if you forgot to pack one
  • you will not have to pay ludicrous retail prices for it
  • you will be sure you have the correct length for the event (from your seat).

Also, please ensure that the computer you bring is up-to-date with OS updates, Steam Updates, and any games you plan to play before you arrive. This doesn't only mean more time to play for you, but it also means that bandwidth isn't being hogged by such downloads/installs so that everyone can enjoy high-quality network connectivity and gameplay.


As always, we will have made-to-order food available for purchase at the event. Although our menu changes slightly from year-to-year, you'll always see our usual items. Orders will be able to be made via our Ordering System, which will feature enhancements over last year's version.

Otherwise, there are a handful of restaurants nearby. Our brochures will have a map with that info.

Hotel Info

As of 3/28/17, the five hotels near the venue have availability. Rates start at $87 per night and run through $144. Google conveniently lists the available options here. Remember, you may be able to get a better rate with a AAA membership or corporate affiliation. Remember: Hotel rates change all the time, so you may rate ranges may differ from what was posted above. We suggest splitting a room with a friend!


Abyss Gaming shirts will be available for purchase at the event. Buying shirts helps support the LAN and allows it to continue living!

As always, tell your friends! We grow mostly by word of mouth.
Send them our way to check this info out, or just flat out have them tag (or drag them?) along!

You can find the official LANFest 2017 Discussion Thread here.
Also, you shouldn't really drag your friends. Consent is important, and is as simple as tea. You should, however, encourage them not to be shy! We've had only good, albeit weird (aka all of us; part of the territory) people at our events. We hope to see you in October!

NOTE: This event (and all other Abyss Gaming events thus far) is not a "For Profit" event. Any money that is collected on top of our costs will be reinvested in the next event, prizes or tournaments. All staff are volunteers. There are no paid positions associated with this event.

Multi-Year Badging

parallax aCSGO posted Oct 25, 16  -  LANFestAG LanFestLAN

Gents and Ladies,

On Sunday we wrapped up another successful, albeit small, LANFest. We made some new friends and met some regulars, missed some folks who planned to make it and couldn't, we missed some people we usually see, and we missed some peple we lost.

But we also had a great time.

For those of you who came,

Do not throw away your badge;

We are adopting a multi-year badging system!

"But parallax," you say. "That won't be very secure."

With year-specific holos it will be! We haven't decided if we're doing a new shape per year, or just keeping track of what we issue, but we'll make that decision later.

You will notice that one side of your badge was where you put your name or handle, and the other side features eight circles, and that this year, the upper-left circle is occupied by a holographic sticker. Remember Book It? It's like that, except instead of books, it's LANFest(s).

We designed and printed these badges ourselves, at home our base of operations, and cut them manually via a die-cutting machine on waterproof, tear-proof paper. They're awesome. We put a lot of work and rage (ask us about the Cricut) and love into them, and thought it would be a cool way for our LANFest veterans to demonstrate they attended multiple years since apparently signing a multi-year banner in the right year is challenging *cough*

So aside from filling all the slots with gym badges admission stickers and having AG cred, what's in it for you?

Each year you return with your same LANFest badge to be re-used, we will offer a perk - much like the lanyard perk. I can't say what those perks are yet, but we want to celebrate return attendees.

LANFest 2016 --- And now we see the end.

Phaytel aCSGODota 2 posted Oct 25, 16  -  Lanfest2016

We have come to the close of LANFest 2016. We gave away nearly $1000 worth or prizes and had plenty of fun!

I'm hope that everyone had a good time. Please leave us some feedback here!


parallax aCSGO posted Oct 21, 16  -  LANFest LANFest 2016LAN

The first day of the LAN is a glorious sunny Autumn rainy AF day in western Pennsylvania. We rolled about a 3 on Chance for Precipitation. That rain resulted in us encountering a smidge of a delay with setup, but we're good to go now.

When you arrive, feel free to pull up as (reasonably!) close as you can get to the door to unload. Please do not pull onto the grass or block the garage doors; the garage doors must be accessible at all times for the fire trucks. If it is still raining, we have umbrellas and gigantic bags that you may use to cover any equipment that might need it.

We have much more parking flexibility this year, we can direct you when you arrive.

We have coffee, cold Surge, Bawls, Red Bull, and more.

See you soon!

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