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Multi-Year Badging

By parallax aCSGO - Posted Oct 25, 16

Gents and Ladies,

On Sunday we wrapped up another successful, albeit small, LANFest. We made some new friends and met some regulars, missed some folks who planned to make it and couldn't, we missed some people we usually see, and we missed some peple we lost.

But we also had a great time.

For those of you who came,

Do not throw away your badge;

We are adopting a multi-year badging system!

"But parallax," you say. "That won't be very secure."

With year-specific holos it will be! We haven't decided if we're doing a new shape per year, or just keeping track of what we issue, but we'll make that decision later.

You will notice that one side of your badge was where you put your name or handle, and the other side features eight circles, and that this year, the upper-left circle is occupied by a holographic sticker. Remember Book It? It's like that, except instead of books, it's LANFest(s).

We designed and printed these badges ourselves, at home our base of operations, and cut them manually via a die-cutting machine on waterproof, tear-proof paper. They're awesome. We put a lot of work and rage (ask us about the Cricut) and love into them, and thought it would be a cool way for our LANFest veterans to demonstrate they attended multiple years since apparently signing a multi-year banner in the right year is challenging *cough*

So aside from filling all the slots with gym badges admission stickers and having AG cred, what's in it for you?

Each year you return with your same LANFest badge to be re-used, we will offer a perk - much like the lanyard perk. I can't say what those perks are yet, but we want to celebrate return attendees.

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