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BAWLS via Freight

By parallax aCSGO - Posted May 1, 17

Friday -- 

Phone: ring ring

Me: *answers*

Person on Phone: Hi this is Lisa from R&L Carriers.

Lisa: We have a shipment from BAWLS coming for you that we'd like to get to you in the next business day or so.

Me: Oh, they shipped freight?!

Lisa: Can we send a semi, or does your street need a smaller box truck?

Me: Definitely need a box truck. A semi would have a bad time.

Lisa: Okay, noted. How's Monday?

Me: I assume someone's going to have to be on site to receive the delivery?

Lisa: Yep - will there by between 9AM and 1PM?

Me: Sure.

This Morning --

Phixious worked from home today to receive this special delivery:

Yes - that is a partially unloaded pallet of BAWLS. Delivered via Freight this morning, hauled up to our storage facility (aka tiny apartment because we don't have a proper storage facility at this time) by Phix. For LANFest 2017...because we lova ya.


Massive thanks to BAWLS for working with us to make this happen!

Like previous years, BAWLS has generously provided us with swag to give away at the event. For the first time, though, they were able to provide us with cases of cans at a great price. BAWLS cans are:

  • Six fluid ounces larger than their bottled brethren
  • Lighter weight than the bottles (even with more product); a case of cans weighs 28 lbs whereas a case of bottles weighs 31.4lbs
  • Not susceptible to breakage like bottles are. No risk of broken glass!
  • Available in all the same delicious flavors we've offered in the past
  • Take up less room in trash/recycling when crushed
  • More-easily recycled

Price-per-can will be the same as the price-per-bottle last year.

See you in June!

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